The ability to care for animals, doctoring their wounds and illnesses.


Name Skill Requirement Description
Patch Animal 0 Small heal with a longer global cooldown.
Tend To Animal 10 Restoration of pet charges, requires a Bandage and skill equal or higher than required to tame such pet.
Cure Animal 100 Removal of negative effects from pet.
Heal Animal 250 Medium heal with a longer global cooldown.


Veterinary Medicine allows creating both simple generic Pet Food and specialised and more effective Carnivore and Herbivore variants that increase specific stats of the pet.

  • Pet Food
  • Pet Food Preparation: Meat Treats
    • Carnivore's Phos-Food
    • Carnivore's Nitrate-Steak
    • Carnivore's Cree'it Kibbles
    • Carnivore's Melanko Meat Strip
    • Carnivore's Omega Treat
  • Pet Food Preparation: Plant Snacks
    • Herbivore's Nitrate Nibbler
    • Herbivore O's
    • Herbivore's Phoylent Greens
    • Herbivore's Serum Snacks
    • Herbivore's Sweet Oil Stems

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