Roles: Melee, Opening Creation

A reflection of your unarmed combat, or martial arts techniques.

Special Abilities
Ability Description
Body Blow Body blows can sap an opponent's Energy and ability to Evade.
Comeback Rally Uses your Momentum to begin a furious Comeback Rally, increasing your effectiveness for a short time. Works with or without a weapon.
Dizzying Flurry You use a large amount of Momentum to take one final stand in battle. Increases damage output and endurance, but leavess you Off-Balance and vulnerable.
Feign Feigns are designed to lower your opponents defenses and confuse them offensively, occasionally even causing a loss of balance.
Headbutt A sneaky and somewhat stupid attack using your head as a weapon. It has a chance to both Stun and knock your opponent Off-Balance.
Jab Jabs at your opponent, making him vulnerable to successive attacks, and sometimes causing them to lose balance.
Kick A basic melee attack that can be used with or without a weapon equipped. Has a small chance to knock your foe Off-Balance.
Kidney Punch This nasty punch must be delivered from behind, and will sap your opponents Energy and Momentum.
Knockback Knocks your opponent backwards, often causing them to lose their balance, as well.
Leg Sweep Sweeps your opponents legs at the same time as you drive the enemy into the ground.
Offensive Stance Concentrates on offense, at the expense of defense.
Power Shot Delivers a powerful shot, that can knock an Off-Balance opponent senseless.
Rip Open Wound You target your opponent's wounds, attempting to rip them wide open. This requires an opponent who is already bleeding and some Momentum.
Roundhouse Kick Deals more damage than a regular kick, but is more difficult to execute.
Shin Shot No one likes to be kicked in the shin. Makes it complicated to move, hurts, and often causes loss of Balance.
Shove An unarmed shove to your opponent, doing minor damage but having a chance to knock them off balance or backwards.
Trip Attempts to trip your opponent, either knocking them down or off-balance.
Uppercut A vicious, short ranged Unarmed attack. It is capable of Knocking Down or Stunning an Off-Balance opponent.