Travel comes in many forms in The Repopulation. Travel is important in most MMOs as it can add ease of movement, but making it to easy can make the world feel much smaller. There are a variety of travel options for players to choose from.

Quick TravelEdit

Underground stations are available to transport players from a few select locations in the game. After a short period of time a train will arrive to take you to the designated location. The major wrinkle with this system is player cities of adequate size can tie into the subway system.

Player cities initially start with structures only being placed on the surface, but once they reach a larger size the first underground section of the city will open making more available room for housing and other structures. Soon after, the city will be able to implement a connection to any other hub or connected player city. Starting and maintaining the connection will be costly, but will open up the city for easier access for trading. City owners will need to agree to the costs of operation for any connection between player cities, but the connections will be cheaper than direct connections to major hubs in the faction controlled areas.

Cities under siege will have their connections temporarily broken until the siege is over.

Vehicle or PetEdit


If you need to cover larger distances making the journey on foot could take minutes or hours. Choosing to make the journey via vehicle or a mountable pet will make the journey slightly faster. Vehicles are a common option available that can be customized via crafting. Vehicles come in a variety of flavors with some built for speed, others built for hauling a buddy or two, and others come with weapon options. Personal vehicles (no weapons and no passengers) can be spawned out in the wilderness after waiting for a short period of time, but other vehicles require a garage to spawn the vehicle. Vehicles can also be destroyed and will need to be repaired at a garage to use it again.

Tamed mounts are a recent addition from the Kickstarter campaign. Animal Handlers will be able to convert some types of tamed pets in to mounts, which can be ridden by players. Speeds for the pets will vary, but they will be faster than running.

On FootEdit

Moving on foot is fairly straight forward. Using the keyboard you can change your movement from running to walking or sprinting. Walking and running consume no endurance, but sprinting does. Your armor type will also impact how long you can sprint until you run out of endurance. Stealth movement is also available while stealthed with the movement speed slightly faster than walking.

Instant TravelEdit

Upon completing your training you will be given an ability which allows you to teleport back to your faction’s capital city once every 30 minutes. Players can bind to different cloning facilities and respawn out of the facilities when they die.