Armor CraftingEdit

Armor Crafters specialize in creating fittings for armor. Increasing your skill allows you to create higher tier and quality fittings from the recipe process. Like all recipes the combination of your skill and the recipe skill reflect the total quality of the item once it is finished and the skill reflects your maximum ability to create a higher tier result.


The Artillery skill encompasses crafting siege and vehicular scale weapons for use by you or your nation. Increasing your skill will allow you to make higher tier and quality results from the different Artillery based recipes.


Carpentry is both a general use trade skill and a specific creation of wood products used in housing and nations such as furniture.


Chemists are very popular because they create components used in recipes for many other crafting skills. They also excel at making other more sinister items such as poisons and toxic compounds.

Cosmetic StylingEdit

Cosmetic Stylists are able to create products to change the look of the player (hair, armor, clothes, etc) and are able to perform the tinting process as well.

Culinary ArtsEdit

Culinary arts specialized in creating high quality food and drink that can be consumed or used for other purposes.


Sometimes being a genetically superior being with cybernetic implants simply isn't good enough, Cybernetics allows the crafting of fittings and upgrades for cybernetic implants along with components for other trade skills.

Firearms CraftingEdit

The skill line that covers the manufacture of weapons and their fittings, a very popular profession for those who like to shoot things.. and who doesn't? Improved skill will allow a wider variety of options and higher quality variants of those items.


Fishing increases your skill and ability to land better and higher quality fish from fishing spots in the world.


Why anyone would want to waste a perfectly good axe on a tree instead of alien flesh is beyond us, but for those that do, the Foresting skill will let you fell even the mightiest of lumber bearing giants.

Genetic EngineeringEdit

Genetic engineers are able to extract DNA samples from certain creatures and use it to create genetically engineered and cloned pets. Pets created through genetic engineering retain the abilities and traits of the sampled creatures but due to the complexity of the high speed cloning process used to generate them don't last forever. Higher skill allows you to create more powerful versions of various creatures and to extract DNA from higher powered creatures in the first place.


Virtually all of the security mechanisms used on Rhyldan are electronic, whether they are stand alone door locks or networked security systems. Hacking allows you to bypass these security measures directly and offers crafting recipes for unique tools used to do so.


A pure nation skill, Horticulture allows you to plant and take care of different products in a Nation.


Installations is another nation skill that has to do with building, altering, and repairing buildings and structures. It is also a trade skill used to make certain products as well.

Melee Weapons CraftingEdit

Responsible for creating blades, hammers, axes and the fittings for them, melee weapon crafters keep people who like to get up close and personal in business.


The mining skill is used to… well… mine. Higher skill means higher yield.


Much like Chemists, pharmaceuticals is a utility crafting skill used to create fittings (Cybernetics in particular) and also used in abilities to heal and inflict damage.


Items and structures take damage, and this skill allows you to repair and upkeep those items.


The 3rd part of the pet system, Robotics is used to create robotic pets, repair them, and to sabotage them. You can operate a robotic pet without much skill in robotics, but it is easier to maintain and take care of them if you are skilled in Robotics.


Tailors specialize in creating cosmetic clothing for players to wear. This includes both armor and non armor varieties. The armor variety is just the shell and takes fittings like other purchasable armor.

Trap KnowledgeEdit

Trap Knowledge allows you to create traps, detect them, and disarm them. A well placed trap can be quite useful in both the PvE and PvP situations.

Vehicle EngineeringEdit

Vehicle Engineering specializes in creating vehicle alterations and applying them to the vehicle.

Wilderness GatheringEdit

Wilderness gathering is used to pick out useful plants and resources from the abundance of mundane or even harmful items in the wild.


The Repopulation - Trade Skills Feature Video

The Repopulation - Trade Skills Feature Video