Players will only be able to take full advantage of one combat tree at a time in skills oriented combat. This is because most combat abilities are tied in to a certain weapon type. There are exceptions, but for the most part your weapon of choice will determine the combat role you are playing. Mastering multiple trees will give you the option of playing additional roles effectively, but not all at the same time. Switching weapons during combat will come with a penalty, to encourage players to act in defined roles.

Each skill type serves a particular purpose. Here is a basic overview:

  • Assassination is a stealth and positional related tree that emphasizes massive initial damage if correctly prepared, but which leaves players vulnerable when they do not have the element of surprise. This is your traditional Rogue damage type.
  • Aerosol weapons or Flame Throwers are used for low-medium range cone of fire effects. They typically do most of their damage over time, rather than in initial damage, and can also be used to deliver nerve or other gas types.
  • Automatic Rifles are short range weapons with a fast firing rate.They are useful for crowd control (Suppressing Fire), feature some wide area damage options, and are best against lightly armored enemies.
  • Axes specialize in melee range Area of Effect attacks and are the most effective weapon against medium armor.
  • Grenades are medium range Area of Effect weapons.They can be equipped for a variety of different effects such as Stun, Smoke, Incendiary or Fragmentation.
  • Launchers are siege weapons that have a very long range and a low rate of fire. They can also be used for Area of Effect damage, but their slow firing rates make them primarily a weapon to be used against Vehicles or Structures.
  • Blunt weapons are brute force melee weapons that specialize in overpowering attacks that can break through opponent’s defenses or stun them. Blunt weapons are the best melee weapons against heavy armor.
  • Martial attacks are hand to hand combat types and some of them can be performed with other melee weapons at short range. One of the main benefits of martial abilities is that they can accomplish many different types of special effects and create openings.
  • Handguns are medium ranged weapons with a moderate rate of fire. They are the only ranged weapon which can be dual wielded. Handguns provide decent penetration against light and medium armor.
  • Rifles are long ranged weapons with a moderate rate of fire. They are more accurate than handguns and are the weapon of choice against heavy armor when using a firearm.
  • Shotguns are ranged weapons that work in a short range but can damage multiple targets. Shotguns are very good for dealing area of effect damage, but are not as effective against a single enemy.
  • Bladed weapons are melee weapons which provide a good balance between offense and defense. They are a general all-purpose melee weapon.

Ranged accuracy Edit

Ranged weapons have an accuracy base, along with a base range. Automatics are less accurate and ranges differ based on the type. Shotguns have a short range and are somewhat accurate, Rifles are pretty solid at range and accuracy, and Handguns feature a relatively low range but decent accuracy. You will be most accurate when you are within half your weapon’s maximum range. As range increases beyond that point you will lose accuracy. Movement will also decrease your accuracy. You get an estimate of your accuracy from the target HUD as it changes from full red (near 100% accurate) to full grey (0% accurate) when the mouse is hovering over a valid target.