Role: Medium Range, AoE
Strength: Heavy
Weakness: Light

Shockguns are slow firing, but heavy hitting weapons that can damage a moderate radius.

Special Abilities
Ability Description
Angle Shot This deadly spread shot requires you to be behind your opponents. The nature of the attack can often leave your opponents bewildered and confused.
Balance Shot The impact from a shotgun blast can knock an opponent off balance.
Chest Shot A shot to the chest can drain an opponent’s endurance, as well as having a chance to knock them down or off-balance. It requires a moderate amount of momentum.
Debilitating Shot Aims low in a spread of fire attack centering at your target. This has a chance to take out the legs of your opponents.
Double Click Fires two focused shots in rapid succession, each having a chance to knock your target off balance. It requires a small amount of Momentum.
Impact Shot This heavy shot can knock your opponent off their feet. It is most effective against opponents who are already off balance.
Maniacal Kill Spree Launches multiple attacks at every hostile near you, but requires a large amount of Momentum to execute.
Maniacal Rampage Launches an attack on every hostile near you, but requires Momentum to execute.
Melon Shot Aims at the head, having a chance to knock your target down, stunning them, and delivering heavy damage if it lands.
Momentum Swinger This scattering shot is a Momentum Swinger. It will slightly increase your Momentum for each enemy damaged, as well as reducing how quickly you lose Momentum for a duration which increases based on the number of enemies damaged.
Obliterate A finishing move which will obliterate opponents who are already knocked down. It deals heavy damage, and has a high chance of paralyzing opponents who were knocked down when it landed. The downside to this ability is that it is only effective at close range.
Scattering Shot This scattering shot can hit multiple targets.
Stun Shot A heavy shot which will often leave opponents momentarily stunned. It consumes a small amount of Momentum.
Stunning Blast Launches a deadly volley in a cone directly in front of you. The impact has a high chance of stunning your targets. It requires a high amount of Momentum.
Take Them Down! You launch a heavy-hitting blast, and call for your allies to take the target down. For a period of time afterwards every time they damage this target, they will have a small amount of endurance restored. This ability consumes a moderate amount of Momentum.