Role: Very Long Range.
Strength: Heavy Armor

Rifles offer high accuracy from long range, and are a favorite of snipers. They are best suited for crouching or lying prone.

Special Abilities
Ability Description
Aimed Shot You take aim and attempt to land an accurate shot. This shot requires you to take your time and be kneeling or lying prone.
Arm Shot You aim at your opponents arms. Injuring them will result in an Accuracy and Parrying penalty.
Butt Attack The butt of your weapon can prove useful in close encounters. Has a chance to daze Off-Balance opponents, or knock them down.
Critical Rifle Work Calms your nerves and increases both Accuracy and Critical Strike chance. Requires a reasonable amount of Momentum.
Disarming Shot This attack aims for your opponent's weapon, attemping to dislodge it from their grasp. Requires Momentum.
Flesh Wound Instead of trying to deeply wound the enemy you try to make the target bleed out. It does a bit of damage and irritates the target.
Got Your Back Firing from behind the target it is pretty easy to find a spot that isn't heavily armored. Drains Momentum from both you and your target.
Head Shot Head Shots are deadly and disorienting to the target when they succeed. They miss often though.
Impactful Rifle Work You focus on attacking the weak points in the target's armor making your shots more effective against armor. Requires Momentum.
Knee Shot A shot to the knees will slow your opponent's advance. Has a chance to cause a leg injury.
Locked In You lock in on your target increasing accuracy, but you are slow to react or move. Movement cancels the effect.
Rapid Fire Utilizes Momentum to fire two quick shots.
Rifle Fire Storm Utilizes Momentum to spray fire at everything in front of you.
Rifle Monkey Through pure adrenaline you reach deep to give yourself a boost in combat. Requires high Momentum.
Suppressing Fire Suppressing fire is laid down to distract your enemy and hold their attention momentarily.
Take Aim You can take aim with any firearm, increasing the effectiveness of your next shot.