The Lesoo are one of the intelligent, sentient, and sapient species on Rhyldan. They are larger and stronger than Humans and just as aggressive. They are, in many ways, more adaptable than Humans and have learned to use the weapons looted off the bodies of their enemies. They war with the Faugea on sight, and while some Lesoo have been studied and some tribes have made peace with Humans, for the most part they war with Humans on sight too.

They are primitive with stone age technology and beliefs, living in a hunter/scavenger/gathering society. Small tribes occupy caves and carve out a territory that they protect aggressively. They are omnivores and scavengers, and add the bodies of almost all they kill to their larder. Small hunting groups patrol their territory, and occasionally larger groups will band together for some tasks or to gain resources that a smaller group can't.