Acrobatics will provide you with defensive and movement enhancing abilities as you increase your skill. There are also times where having a high acrobatics will allow you to avoid taking damage passively.


Concentration is a general Mental skill that is used in and out of combat to improve your well being and reaction to certain situations. Like Acrobatics, increasing your skill will help to avoid negative situations and open up a few helpful abilities.


When walking right in and sneaking in through a backdoor aren’t good options, try a disguise! This skill will allow you to alter your appearance to look like something else in the world. Using it increases your chances of success and even opens up savory new disguise options.


No matter how skilled of a combatant you may be, or how talented your team is, sometimes it’s just easier to avoid a fight in the first place. The stealth skill will allow you to move around without being detected. Masters of this skill can seemingly vanish into thin air.


Rhyldan is crawling with hostile creatures, unsavory people, and other hidden dangers, it’s critical that you have some basic survival skills to get by. This skill line provides the ability to set up usable camp sites and find useful items like the best parts of a corpse or the nearest access to the teleport system.


While some adventurers might not ever set foot in water, others might decide to go explore the great depths under water. Increasing your skill in swimming makes you more efficient at swimming and able to swim under water for a longer time before you need to come up for air.


Instead of starting nasty rumors about prowlers and making people hide at night because you're constantly breaking in to people's homes and killing them to take that one little item you wanted why not just learn how to take the item without anyone noticing? As your skill in thievery increases so will the value or usefulness of objects you can pilfer.


Tracking allows you to find targets using clues they've left behind in their travels. The higher your skill the better your chances of success and the more difficult the quarry you can hunt.

Vehicle ControlEdit

Skill allows you to better able to control a vehicle that you are driving.