A Reflection of your Medical Skills. First Aid allows you to treat wounds, disease and other maladies.


Name Points
Bandage Wound 0pts
Medical Scan 0pts
Revive 0pts
Spray Biohazard 0pts
Medical Scan: Jump Effect 1pts
Ranged Medical Scan: Jump Effect 1pts
Spray Biohazard: Altered 1pts
Nano-Stitch 10pts
Nano-Vaccine 20pts
Nano-Regen 35pts
Ranged Medical Scan 55pts
Inject Sedative 75pts
Extinguish Flames 80pts
Replenishment 120pts
Atrophic Injection 150pts
Set Bone In Place 200pts
Resuscitate 300pts
Only a Flesh Wound 450pts
Ocular Spray 475pts
Overload Powercell 575pts
Advanced Medical Scan 650pts
Antibody Injection 950pts
Antibody Spray 1250pts
Advanced Nano-Vaccine 14500pts
Nano Cloud 2150pts
Emergency Transfusion 3000pts
Just a Scratch 3200pts
Vaccinate Area 4400pts
Energy Overload 4500pts
Rescue 6000pts


  • Bandage Production
  • Medical Charged Fitting Production

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