Aerosol DefenseEdit

The only real advantage to being in the area of effect of a flamethrower, and living through it, is that you know where not to stand the next time around. This skill improves the more you encounter enemies using these types of attacks.

Automatic Weaponry DefenseEdit

Gained through experience on the bad end of an automatic weapon, this skill helps to mitigate the damage taken from these weapons and even offers a couple of abilities to make those fast firing slug throwers a bit less intimidating.

Axe DefenseEdit

Ever wonder what you would do if someone swung an axe at your head? Find out the hard way often enough and you might even figure it out. This skill, improved by fighting enemies who use axes, allows you to better defend against them, mitigating some damage and even offering up a couple of abilities.

Bladed Weapon DefenseEdit

The good news? You now know how to properly parry an attack from a swordsman. The bad? It's your clone that gets to use that knowledge because you had to learn the hard way. Spending time fighting enemies that use bladed weapons allows you to develop techniques to reduce the damage you take from them and even some abilities that help out in defending yourself.

Blunt Weapon DefenseEdit

Getting out of the way of a fast moving, heavy, blunt object is reflex for most of us. Unfortunately, some of us have better reflexes than others, and we have to learn by doing. You will gain some resistance to damage inflicted by hammers, clubs, etc, by fighting enemies that use them.

Defensive KnowledgeEdit

The Defensive counterpart to Combat Knowledge, Defensive Knowledge is the general knowledge of defense while in combat. Increasing your skill will make it easier to defend in general and open up a few common abilities that can be used to save your hide.

Defensive TacticsEdit

Defensive Tactics is a leadership skill that allows someone to better organize and motivate their party members to defend themselves.


While it might seem like a good idea to take that sword attack with your armor, evading it will hurt a lot less. Dodging can be done in all 3 armor types, but is much easier to do in light armor versus medium and heavy. Dodging is only effective against melee attacks including Unarmed attacks, as projectiles and lasers move too fast. Increasing your skill in Dodge makes it easier to avoid attacks and opens some abilities to give you a temporary advantage when used.

Handgun DefenseEdit

While not personally fans of getting shot at in general, we can assure you that spending enough time doing it will teach you some pointers as to how best to deal with situations involving hostiles leveling revolvers and pistols at you.


When you can't get out of the way of an attack, put something in the attack's way. Parrying is the art of using your own weapons to deflect the attacks of others. Most effective with and against smaller weapons such as swords, the higher your parry skill, the more opportunities it will open up for you.

Rifle DefenseEdit

Learning how to take cover and properly engage an enemy using a rifle can be troublesome considering their long range. Those who manage to do it on a regular basis will find themselves with the upper hand when faced with a rifle user.

Shotgun DefenseEdit

The easiest way to defend against someone using a shotgun up close is to not pick a fight with them in the first place. Barring that, however, experience can teach you several tricks for reducing the damage you'll take from a shotgun-wielding foe, eventually even giving you some abilities you might gain an advantage with.

Thrown Weapon DefenseEdit

While significantly easier to avoid than bullets in some cases, being around too long after someone lobs a grenade at you can make your day bad. Learning how to spot incoming thrown hazards and properly react to them takes time and experience against such weapons.