Aerosol TacticsEdit

Aerosol weapons are effective weapons for crowd control and area-of-effect damage such as flame throwers. They might not do the most damage, but they make up for it with damage-over-time and being a general annoyance to both PvE and PvP targets. Increasing your skill will allow for better fittings and open up new abilities.


Cheating and the element of surprise can often be the keys to victory, why not get your fight off to a good start? Improving your skill in assassination opens up many powerful abilities that make use of different weapon types to do extra damage if the circumstances are correct.

Automatic Weaponry TacticsEdit

Automatic weapons provide an excellent option to mow down enemies with the highest DPS and firing rate of any weapon, but are most effective against lightly armored opponents. Automatic weapons also offer AoE abilities along with suppression options. The downside to automatic weapons is they are not as accurate as other ranged weapons, requiring you to get a little closer than you might like to. Increasing your skill will open up new abilities and allow for better fittings.

Axe FightingEdit

Axes provide the best solution to medium armor out there while still doing pretty well with light and heavy armor. Improving in your axe skill opens up many combat abilities that allow for precise (somewhat) strikes to open up holes in your opponent’s defense or wild swings that can hit more than one enemy, unleashing your inner barbarian. Improving your skill will open up these abilities and allow for better fittings.

Bladed Weapon TacticsEdit

Bladed weapons include both knives and swords, they offer a good option against all armor types. Their abilities offer quick strikes and attacks that open holes in the enemies’ defense making them good for use in groups. Improving your skill will open up these abilities and allow for better fittings.

Blunt Weapon TacticsEdit

Sometimes you just need a big heavy weapon like a hammer or maul to get the job done. Blunt weapons offer the best option against heavy armor, they can stun the target and deal out punishment. Blunt weapons do offer some attack options for groups, but not as many as the bladed counterparts do. Improving your skill will open up these abilities and allow for better fittings.

Combat KnowledgeEdit

A true warrior trains in just not the physical ability of using a weapon, but also in the mental aspect of combat as well. Combat Knowledge is a general skill that affects most combat calculations by a modest amount and will help to turn the tide of an otherwise even battle. General combat activity will help to improve this skill and increasing it will open up a few general combat based abilities as well.


The best defense is to take an attack and turn it against the enemy, at least if you like to keep all of your limbs and teeth. Counter-Attack allows you to more easily counter a melee attack. You can open up abilities that make this easier to do as you get more skilled.

Dirty FightingEdit

Sometimes a good eye poke is all you need to get the upper hand. Dirty fighting isn’t going to win you any style or good guy points, but it is an effective additional option to turn the tide of a battle or get an extra sucker punch in.

Dual WieldingEdit

Two handguns are better than one as long as you can shoot both of them effectively the same can be said with swinging two axes. This skill will allow you to be more precise when using two one-handed weapons together instead of a weapon and shield. Increasing the skill will also open up some abilities only possible if you are bringing the fury times 2.

Handgun TacticsEdit

Pistols and revolvers are excellent options, usable by themselves, dual-wielded or with a shield if you want to get all crazy up close. Handguns are effective against lighter armored enemies and the pistol improves effectiveness against heavy armors versus the handgun and semi-handgun. Handguns also offer a decent amount of attack options for openings in a group battle and of course you can put one in each hand and go to town. While revolvers excel against light armor, semi-automatics offer improved penetration when used on heavily armored targets. Handguns offer a decent array of abilities including some useful group options. Increasing your skill will open up new abilities and allow for better fittings.


Everyone appreciates the guy who takes the brunt of the damage, and the Protection skill allows a player to do just that. Those who increase their protection skill will be able to better handle target and AoE damage that would otherwise injure a companion, they will also acquire abilities allowing them to taunt the enemy in to attacking them instead of weaker or dying friends.

Rifle TacticsEdit

Rifles offer an excellent option against all armor types and include sniper rifles for expanded range and take-down power against heavily armored foes. Rifles offer solid accuracy and range and a decent amount of attack options for groups (not as many as handguns though). Increasing your skill will open up new abilities and allow for better fittings.

Shockgun TacticsEdit

Feeling bad because you forgot your massive hammer? Want to get up close and personal? Shockguns are the way to go as their standard attack style is designed for short range AOE damage. While they don't do as much damage to a single target as other weapons, they do offer some useful abilities and, of course, allow you to spread the love like no other. Increasing your skill will open up new abilities and allow for better fittings.

Siege TacticsEdit

While not the most effective weapon against a small moving creature or even a large moving creature, siege weapons are best against armored vehicles and those pesky walls people build to keep you out; how rude of them. Siege weapons are PvP/Nation oriented and will not have a ton of use in the PvE side of the game aside from a few encounters.

Thrown Weapon TacticsEdit

A well thrown grenade can turn the tide of any battle so you might as well get used to chucking them at your enemy. Improving your thrown weapon skill will allow you to use different kinds of grenades and other thrown weapons providing increased advantages and damage options.

Unarmed TacticsEdit

Unarmed tactics allows you to use your hands and feet either exclusively or in conjunction with certain melee weapons to improve their damage. A well aimed punch or kick can do plenty, and a well timed strike to a nerve bundle can open the enemy's guard up wide for a finish blow with that hammer you've been trying to use on them Improving your skill in Unarmed Tactics will open up damage and attack openings that can be used in battle to do even more damage.