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There are two distinct combat modes in The Repopulation: RPG Mode and Action Mode.

Both modes work fairly similar behind the scenes and do not provide much of an advantage in that area. Increased mobility and targeting might be advantageous for PvPers trying to flank someone, but it is not a true FPS-like system where projectile collisions are being processed by the server. Targeting is done client side and if a target is found during action mode it is sent off and processed; if not, then the action is ignored or an alternative action is decided that makes sense. The goal is to provide alternative play styles for those who want something a little different out of their approach to combat while trying to avoid giving an extreme advantage to one system over the other.

RPG Mode

RPG Mode is similar to what you seen in traditional MMOs. You select abilities to use on your current target by clicking on ability buttons from your action bar.

Action Mode

Action mode allows you to play in a style more similar to a First Person Shooter. You aim and shoot rather than selecting abilities from an action bar. Action Mode also allows for command stacking abilities where you can map mouse/button clicks to perform certain abilities and move on to the next one, if the first one is unavailable. Action mode is typically done in first person, but can be done in 3rd person as well.

Health and Armor Penetration Edit

See also Armor.

Health is a fairly stationary number starting at 1000. While it can be increased by equipment, most players will have a similar amount of health. What differentiates them is the level of protection, damage, and armor penetration provided by their equipment.

Targeted shots Edit

See also Skills Oriented Combat.

Abilities can be aimed at certain limbs. The target location is determined by the ability being used.

  • The majority of attack types are aimed at the Body which provides the best accuracy and moderate damage.
  • Head shots are the least accurate but are generally high damaging or disorienting.
  • Leg shots can injure a leg causing slower movement. Multiple leg shots can break a leg, which prevents movement entirely.
  • Arm shots can reduce accuracy or make a player completely ineffective if you manage to disable both arms.

When a player is suffering arm or leg injuries they are also more vulnerable to other types of attacks.

Chains and openings Edit

There are currently over 80 different types of openings which can occur in combat. These are similar to debuffs in other games, except not all of them have a negative on their own. They instead make you more vulnerable to a chain or another type of effect.

For example: many abilities have a chance to knock a player Off Balance. While Off Balance you are vulnerable to be Knocked Backwards or Knocked Down by abilities that may not be able to do so otherwise. There are also counters to some of these openings, such as the Regain Balance ability, which allows you to regain your balance and close the vulnerability. Some other abilities target open wounds, causing severe bleeding. By coordinating their attacks, player can increase their effectiveness.

Postures Edit


There are three postures in The Repopulation and each has its own benefits and penalties.

  • Standing is the base posture and is what you will be using at most times.
  • Crouching drastically reduces movement and melee effectiveness but improves ranged accuracy and ranged defense. It makes you more vulnerable to melee damage though.
  • Lying prone provides the same bonuses and penalties as crouching, but to a larger extent.

Cover Edit


Cover areas are scattered throughout the world and provide players with defensive bonuses when they are used. Simply moving into a cover area will automatically give you a defensive bonus. If you adjust your position to crouch behind cover you will receive an additional bonus.

Momentum Edit

As players have success or perform positive actions they slowly build Momentum. That Momentum can also be lost when negative things happen to them, or when they become discouraged by rival players. Players can expend all or a portion of their Momentum by performing heroic actions that can often turn the tide of a battle. These are special, high performance abilities which are only available with sufficient Momentum. The more powerful the ability, the more Momentum it will consume or require.

This allows for some strategic decision making. Do you save up for an extremely powerful ability? Or use several less powerful ones in the same amount of time? Momentum is slowly drained while not engaged in combat.