Vaguely man-sized this creature makes an imposing foe from a distance especially as it tends to travel in packs of up to five individuals. Hard chitinous shells cover a body that is segmented into two arms, two legs, and a rather forward resting head. Their powerful legs end in toed claws which help them adapt to any environmental conditions while aiding them in holding onto dead carcases while they feed.

The teeth of the Brachura are set in their long triangular head near the pointed nose. The angular nature of the beasts nose and face allow it to feed deeply into large carcases while keeping their eyes clear of the rotting flesh.

Their most impressive figures, their spiked claws, are often used to grab and pull rotting flesh from a carcass, stripping it from the bone before eating it. When challenged or cornered a pack of Brachura will fight for dominance of a carcass or to protect their rather large territory.