Role: Melee, Crowd Control
Strength: Heavy Armor
Weakness: Light Armor

Your experience and skill with Blunt Weapons such as Maces or Mauls.

Special Abilities
Ability Description
Bludgeon This simple bludgeoning attack requires a blunt weapon. It has a chance to stun your opponent.
Crush Legs Takes a heavy swing at your opponent’s legs. If successful this can cause injuries or break their legs, as well as leaving them off balance.
Debilitating Crush A high damaging attack. If your opponent is already knocked senseless (Confused opening) it will leave them extremely susceptible to physical attacks for the next few seconds. It requires a moderate amount of Momentum.
Disarming Pummel This pummeling attack attempts to disarm your opponent but reduces Momentum.
Disarming Twirl A twirling attack which does high damage, and has a chance to Disarm targets. It consumes a large amount of Momentum.
Head Blow A head shot can knock leave an opponent temporarily senseless.
Lunge Lunges at the target, gaining ground and granting a short burst of adrenaline, boosting damage.
Overpowering Attack A pummeling attack that has a chance to knock down your opponent or leave them off-balance. Most effective vs. those off-balance already.
Staving Smash This attack attempts to push your opponent backwards, giving you space to operate, or moving them out of position. It is most effective against opponents who are already off-balance.
Sternum Shot A shot to the sternum can sap your opponents endurance.
Stop Momentum You attempt to stop your opponents Momentum with this heavy blow, which also has a chance to stun. It requires a small amount of Momentum.
Stunning Blow This attack has a chance to stun.
Whirling Pummel This attack can damage, and sometimes stun, nearby enemies around the user.
Wild Swing Swings wildly at your opponent.