Roles: Melee, Balanced

Your effectiveness with standard bladed weapons, such as Swords or Knives.

Special Abilities
Ability Description
Back Slash Attacking from behind you can negate the armor of the target and strike with the full power of your weapon.
Blade Flurry Using all of the momentum you have stored you are able to strike faster.
Bleeding Slash This attack has a reasonable chance to make your opponent bleed.
Break Defenses This attack costs Momentum, but has a chance to break through your opponent's defenses.
Disabling Thrust You attempt to make a hole in the target's defense making it easier to damage the target for a short period of time.
Disarming Slash Deals light damage, but has a chance to Disarm your opponent. Requires some Momentum.
Feign Stab Attempts to expose the vulnerabilities in your opponent's defenses.
Furious Onslaught Using the momentum you have gained in battle you attack the enemy three times in rapid Succession. Has a chance to make them bleed.
Gaping Slash Attempts to attack a bleeding enemy and open up the wounds even more. Deals extra damage to bleeding targets.
Hamstring Slice Slices your opponent's Hamstring. Leg injuries will slow movement speed.
Head Slash Slashes to the head can leave an opponent dazed or stunned, but are less accurate.
Kidney Puncture Punctured kidneys cause long term pain that saps both ones body and mind of energy. Requires momentum and for you to be behind your target to execute.
Lethal Thrust Utilizes momentum to search for a weakness in your opponent's armor.
Lunging Thrust Uses momentum to lunge at the target, gaining ground and granting a short burst adrenaline, boosting damage.
Open Wound Uses momentum to try to rip open an opponents wounds. Most effective vs. Bleeding opponents.
Puncture Punctures your opponent, causing bleeding and an intense pain that lasts for a short while. Requires some Momentum.
Quick Slash Delivers two quick slashes, attempting to catch your opponent off guard. There is a small chance to cause the target to bleed with these attacks.
Rapid Strikes A rapid flurry of blows that deals three quick attacks. Requires momentum to use.
Sneaking Thrust This sneak attack must be performed from behind, but can penetrate armor. Requires a small amount of momentum.
Spinning Blade You frantically swing your weapon around striking everything in close distance. This reduces your Momentum significantly.
Springing Thrust An awkward spring that negates armor and leaves your opponent off balance, but consumes Momentum.
Sweeping Slice Sweeps your blade at the legs of nearby enemies, possibly knocking them down. If they are already suffering a leg injury, it could break their leg.
Triple Strike A rapid flurry of attacks that does 3 extra strikes against the target.
Target Wound You target your opponent's wounds, ripping them wide open if they are bleeding already. Requires Momentum.