Animal HandlingEdit

Animal Handling is the first of the 3 part pet system in The Repopulation that allows you to tame young creatures and then grow them as pets. There are a variety of young animals out in world that can be tamed, once tamed they will continue to grow in power. Animal Handling and Veterinary Medicine go hand-in-hand as you will need to be able to heal and keep up the health of your pet otherwise the pet risks actually dying from lack of medical attention.


Sometimes a sharp tongue is better than a sharp knife (or the combination of the two). One skilled in Diplomacy can find themselves with additional options in missions and other PvE encounters.

First AidEdit

First aid is the ability to provide in and out-of-combat healing and is vital to keeping one’s self alive and keeping a group alive in a fight with a larger or more skilled opponent. There are a variety of quick and large healing options.Many healing abilities make use of crafted components to do their job.


Sometimes a sharp tongue is in order, Sometimes the risk of doing bodily harm is enough to get someone to open up and spill the beans. Intimidation is a social skill that opens up dialog opportunities with NPCs and missions and allows a few other options in PvE combat.


A good leader makes for a solid fighting group and can even turn the tide of battle. Leadership opens up abilities that offer benefits to your group members. The most elite leaders are even rumored to be able to use their status to radio in for additional assistance beyond a few friendly words of encouragement.

Veterinary MedicineEdit

An important skill to have if you are going to be an animal handler. Increasing your skill in Veterinary Medicine will allow you to to better handle the ailments of your trusted pet and allow you to properly treat the animal after being nearly beaten to death. Lack of care for the pet will eventually lead to the pet actually dying Veterinary medicine allow is important protection for your hard earned investment.

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