Roles: Melee, AoE
Strength: Medium Armor
Weakness: Light Armor

Axes offer less in the way of protection than a sword, but are powerful, if somewhat wild, offensive weapons.

Special Abilities
Ability Description
Axe Flurry Unleashes a flurry of blows.
Axe Trip This Axe attack attempts to trip your opponent. Uses Momentum.
Berserk Enters a berserk rage, ignoring defense in an effort to slaughter your enemies.
Blind Hack Blindly hacks at nearby opponents. While this attack can easily miss, it can also strike multiple opponents in a single blow.
Cleave This mighty cleave can hit multiple enemies.
Cripple Legs A leg shot can hamper your opponent's movement and ability to evade.
Cry of Rage Causes you and your allies to enter into a berserk rage, ignoring defense in an effort to slaughter your enemies. Requires a high amount of momentum to execute.
Face Shot This face shot can leave your opponent temporarily senseless.
Fury You prepare to unleash the Fury, increasing damage output for a short while.
Hold Keeps your opponent at the end of your Axe for a short while, and tires them out slightly.
Hurricane Slice This twirling attack will damage anyone within the immediate area, and has a chance to knock them off their feet. It is even more effective on off balance enemies.
Leg Slash A slice to the legs will slow one's retreat.
Phalanx A positional attack which does high damage, but must be delivered from behind your opponent.
Pummeling Slash Pummeling your opponent will often lower their defenses.
Slicing Blow Slicing attacks can draw blood, a draining attack.
Sundering Strike This attack does less damage, but keeps your opponent Off-Balance.
Twirling Trip You twirl your Axe at the feet of those around you, atempting to knock them off of their feet.
Whirling Axe You can damage many enemies with the twirl of your axe.