Roles: Mid-Range, AoE, Crowd Control
Strength: Light Armor
Weakness: Heavy Armor

Automatic weapons offer the highest possible rate of fire, and some Area of Effect capabilities, but suffer from inaccuracy.

Special Abilities
Ability Description
Aim High A low accuracy spray of shots aimed high at opponents within the area of effect. It will either hit them in the head, dealing heavy damage, or miss them entirely. Complete misses will often knock your opponents Off Balance however, as they rush to take cover.
Controlled Burst Fires a controlled burst with increased accuracy and damage.
Covering Fire Covering fire is laid down to distract your enemy and prevent them from engaging friendlies for a short time.
Dialed In You dial in on your targets, allowing increasing your maximum range and chances of doing critical damage. This consumes a small amount of Momentum though, immobilizes you temporarily, and requires you to be kneeling or lying prone.
Flanking Assault This intimidating attack requires you to be flanking your opponent. It can dampen the spirits of Motivated targets.
Focused Fire You concentrate your fire on a single opponent, slightly increasing your effective range.
Frenzied Fire You fire frenetically at an area, dealing two quick bursts into the area of effect.
Panicked Spray Utilizes your Momentum to spray all nearby enemies with point blank fire.
Spraying Assault Sprays an Area with bullets. Is most effective vs. opponents who have been Knocked Down.
Spraying Fire Sprays the area near your opponent with bullets. It can discourage Motivated enemies.
Stopping Power You aim at the legs of targets within the area of effect, attempting to slow their advance by taking them out at the legs. This consumes a moderate amount of Momentum.
Swaggering Burst A high accuracy, high damaging burst which in turn Motivates you, increasing your effectiveness briefly. This consumes a small amount of Momentum.