Energy Tank TacticsEdit

Energy Tanks are used to supply energy to laser weapons and to power protective shields. A higher skill in Energy Tank Tactics opens up different abilities that improve your energy tank usage.

Light Armor TacticsEdit

Light armor is the lightest armor available and provides a small amount of protection from all types of weapons, but is most ineffective against fast firing weapons, like automatics. Increasing your skill with Light Armor will allow you to add ever improving fittings to your light armor to make it better. Light armor also allows you to make use of the more nimble skills such as Assassination, Stealth, Dodge, and Balance.

Medium Armor TacticsEdit

Medium armor is the middle option available for a modest protection from weapons while still being able to make use of the nimble skills and provide protection against all weapon types. Medium armor is a good solid option for most encounters and offers the most versatility out of the available armor types. Increasing your skill will allow you to use ever improving fittings.

Heavy Armor TacticsEdit

The armor of choice if you are expecting a fire fight of any kind. Heavy armor provides excellent protection against quick firing weapons such as automatics and provides solid protection against all other weapon types as well including the heavy hitters such as sniper rifles. The extra armor does come at a loss of mobility making you wear out faster when running or sprinting and making the more nimble skills harder to use. Increasing your skill will allow you to use ever improving fittings.

Shield TacticsEdit

In the age of laser weapons and high powered energy shields sometimes a good blunt weapon is the answer to your problems and a shield is a good defensive and offensive solution as well when you want to get up close and personal. Increasing your skill with a shield will open up different abilities and allow you to add improved fittings to your shield.