There are three types of armor for a player to choose from. All three armor types provide some protection. Certain weapons have different effective rates against all three armor types.

  • Light
    • Quicker weapons such as combat knives, automatics, and handguns are very effective against light armor.
  • Medium
    • Medium armor is a good middle ground and provides decent protection from everything but axes.
  • Heavy
    • Generally the most effective.
    • Slower weapons such as sniper rifles, broadswords, and poleaxes are most effective against heavy armor.
    • Heavier armors will also consume more energy than their lighter counterparts.

Energy shields Edit

Energy Shields provide an effective shield against ranged attacks. These shields must be powered with an Energy Tank, however. Energy shields will absorb some or all incoming damage. But each time it absorbs damage its will lose energy reserves. Once it is empty no protection is provided.

There are also energy based weapons, which share the same energy reserves with energy shields.