Allows you to tame and control Animal Pets.


Name Skill requirement Description
Calm Animal 0 (Unskilled) Approach without posing any threat, in a way that is less likely to provoke attack.
Feed Animal 0 (Unskilled) Feeds food to one of your pets, reducing their hunger. Proper feeding is necessary for their survival.
Tame Animal 0 (Unskilled) Attempts to tame an animal.
Train Mount 750 (Skilled) Trains a pet to be used as a mount. This action is irreversible. The pet will disappear and a new mount will be added to your Mounts and Vehicles window. At the moment only Rocharus (500 skill to tame) or Calprates (1000 skill to tame) can be turned into mounts.

Note that a separate Veterinary Medicine skill is required to heal pets, create pet food and restore charges if killed.

Tameable SpeciesEdit

Only the baby variant of each animal can be tamed. They can appear as blue or red on the minimap and have various names, depending on the species.

Name Skill requirement Baby name
Barca (cannot yet be tamed) 0 same as adult
Nacoot 0 same as adult
T'Seef 0 same as adult
Setlang 10 Baby
Vulture 50 Baby
Raxin 150 Pup
Lingmaa (unconfirmed) 300 ?
Rocharus 500 Pup
Okolat 750 Calf
Calprates 1000 Calf
Rhinoc 2000 Baby
Hokfig 3000 Calf
Jabberbull (unconfirmed) 4500 ?
Drake 6000 ?

Pet GrowthEdit

Tamed at the baby stage, pets are able to grow with time and feeding, all the way to alpha, where they reach the highest potential for that species.

List of stagesEdit

  1. Baby
  2. Very Young
  3. Young
  4. Young Adult
  5. Adult
  6. Mature
  7. Alpha

Controlling multiple petsEdit

It is possible to simultaneously control several pets, starting with two at 500 skill. However, controlling even one pet incurs penalties, which increase with their number.

Pets Skill Requirement Penalties
One 0
  • Skill gain (-3%)
  • Attack speed (-10%)
  • Block (-10%)
  • Damage dealt (-10%)
  • Dodge (-10%)
  • Parry (-10%)
Two 500
  • Skill gain (-10%)
  • Attack speed (-25%)
  • Block (-25%)
  • Damage dealt (-25%)
  • Dodge (-25%)
  • Parry (-25%)
Three 6000
  • Skill gain (-?%)
  • Attack speed (-?%)
  • Block (-?%)
  • Damage dealt (-?%)
  • Dodge (-?%)
  • Parry (-?%)

There is a limit on total level of pets under a player's control: 20 + (player skill level)/120. If the combined level of summoned pets is equal to maximum, they cannot grow until player's skill has sufficiently increased.

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